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Furniture made of solid wood should be not only beautiful and pleasing to the eye, but also be processed in the way that originality and naturality will be on the foreground, while creating all the conditions for a healthy lifestyle.

Almost all the surfaces of our products are in natural color, that is, wood does not lose its original beauty, but only emphasizes its attractiveness and warmth.

Furniture covered with natural oil can fit into any interior of the home. The oil penetrates well into the wood, revives it and creates an open vapor permeable surface. With this coating, your furniture is protected from the influence of the environment without harmful substances.

Regarding the varnished finishing, it is incorrect to assume that furniture covered with varnish is harmful, they have no particular smell, are environmentally friendly and will suit even for the children's room. Acrylic and cracelium compound, water-based polyurethane varnishes, and many other types allow even old furniture to be renovated. Nowadays there are different colors such as: black, colorless, as well as matte and glossy compositions, they are also suitable for the restoration of absolutely any wooden surface.