Leuven 02

  • Material
    Solid wood: beech, oak, ash
  • Frame
  • Finishing
    Oil-wax, stain, varnish, enamel
  • Seat height
    480 mm
  • Colour
    Natural oil, natural acrylic varnish, stain + varnish - chestnut, walnut, MS, dark walnut, wenge and enamels
  • Seat depth
    400 mm
  • Fabric
    to choose from

The wooden upholstered chair "Leuven 02"

will ideally fit into the modern interior of a beauty salon, restaurant, cafe, office, or living room or kitchen in your home.

The framework is made of the massif of beech, ash or oak wood. The chair has a backrest height of 960 mm and a seat 500 mm from the floor, the seat size is 465 mm wide and 405 mm deep.
The product has a deep fit and an ergonomic curved back, which will provide a comfortable and convenient location. The upholstery of the model is made of durable and wear-resistant material, but you choose the color and structure yourself. We have a wide selection of fabrics. The chair can have a very wide range of colors: white, yellow, beige, blue, red, blue, green, black, and any other. Originally complements the image of the chair space in the back.
Stable wooden legs have a unique pattern and structure, and to preserve them, can be covered with oil-wax, varnish, stain. We have a wide range of enamels of your choice.

The classic and at the same time elegant chair "Leuven 02", having a universal style, will easily and harmoniously fit into the interior of your apartment.

Solid wood furniture from the Yuwood factory does not require special care, the usual wet cleaning is enough for things to last you more than one year.