Lеuven Bar

  • Material
    Solid wood: ash, beech, oak
  • Frame
    Solid wood; seats: plywood
  • Finishing
    Oil-wax, stain, varnish, enamel
  • Seat height
    820 mm
  • Colour
    Natural oil, natural acrylic varnish, stain + varnish - chestnut, walnut, MS, dark walnut, wenge and enamels
  • Seat depth
    420 mm
  • Fabric

The high upholstered chair "Lеuven Bar"

will perfectly complement the atmosphere of sophistication and elegance of your restaurant, cafe, salon or kitchen. The Ywood factory makes all frames of chairs from the massif of wood. To do this, beech, ash or oak, and the price of the product depends on the type of raw material. You can buy beech furniture cheaply, but the quality will not change. Oak chairs are more expensive, but they give status to your institution.

The chair "Lеuven Barnius" has:

  • back height 1110 mm;
  • seat height 820 mm from the floor;
  • seat size 420x400 mm.

The product has a comfortable fit with a low back, and the connection of the legs is a footrest that will provide a comfortable and convenient location for your guests and customers. The upholstery of the model is made of a material that has increased strength and durability. We bring to your attention a wide range of fabrics by structure, color, natural fiber content and price (from 4-5 to 12 USD), so you can choose chairs for any request and color solutions.

Stable wooden legs have a unique pattern and structure, and to preserve them, can be covered with oil-wax, varnish, stain. We have a wide range of enamels of your choice.

Ywood solid wood furniture is very easy to use, the usual wet cleaning and sometimes the work of a small vacuum cleaner is enough for the chair to last you for many years.