Bonn 2

Upholstered chair "Bonn 2" with a wooden frame and back made of plywood from "Ywood"

The "Bonn 2" upholstered chair is a modification of our new "Bonn" chair of our furniture factory. The product is made on the basis of a wooden framework with a plywood back YW-26-2 of own production, at observance of all technological norms of work with the massif of wood.

The foot is made of ash, beech and oak, and is covered with: natural oil-wax, stain, varnish, enamel. All raw materials are environmentally friendly, have quality certificates, safe for health and practical to use.

Back: bent plywood, together with the seat covered with fabric. This is a durable and wear-resistant material: velor, jacquard, chenille, suede, mat from leading European companies - Arteks, Top Textile, Fabric Lab, Eden, Exim Textile, Apparel. "Bonn 2" can have a very wide range of colors: from pastel white, yellow, beige, olive to red, blue, green, black, brown.

By purchasing an upholstered chair "Bonn 2", you will have a comfortable product with a height of 850 mm, seat size 440x440 mm.
This collection also has a high version of the chair, "Bonn Bar". For a kitchen with a bar or restaurant, coffee shop, salon, bar, you can buy both models of the collection with the same design: solid wood flooring and siding.

You can buy cheap chairs from us. The price depends on the type of wood, flooring and fabric.

There is a system of discounts for wholesale and regular customers.