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Color in the interior and your mood



   Do you agree that the mood hungandt from thecolorsof the yi range prevailing in the interior?  We also hold that view. Color inspires, excites, causes positive emotions, helps to concentrate ... There are many options. Therefore, when decorating houses and apartments,  great attention is paid to the choice of color of furniture and finishing materials.

The palette of our mood

   What colors are most preferablefor the arrangement of the surrounding space? Consider the common optionsthat must be taken into account if you are going to buy furniture.

Red. Bright and rich color that is liked by active and emotional people. Shades of red invigorate and set up for active activity. In its pure form, this color is rarely used. In the manufacture of chairs and armchairs, it is combined with other options: white, gray, brown.

  • Blue. A symbol of strength and harmony. In the room, decorated in blue, optimal conditions for rest are created. Blue color in the interior is chosen by determined and confident people. Light shades are used to decorate the walls and ceiling, and saturated shades areused to create stylish accents, for example, in the detailsof tables or beds. For visual enlargement of space, blue is combined with white, and to create a relaxing environment - with gray.
  • Green. This color is associated with nature and tenderness. This is an interesting solution to create a cozy atmosphere. Light shades (light green, mint) are suitable for modern interior design, and rich tones are suitable for retro design. To achieve a good result, creative ideas are introduced. For example, several shades of green are combined, which is what we do in the production of wooden upholstered chairs.
  • Yellow. A ray of sunshine in the children's room, in the living room, in the bedroom. This color is associated with warmth, optimism, energy. The room, harmoniously decorated in yellow, has a positive effect on efficiency and learning. This solution is often used in the arrangement of the workplace and training ground. To make the yellow color not too much, create interesting combinations with white, green, blue.
  • White is synonymous with purity and peace. You need to be careful with this color. The predominant white color exacerbates depression and is associated with boredom. Therefore, bright accents are used in interior design. These can be decorative elements, curtains, sofa cushions of another color. For example, pistachio, sand, cream, blue, orange. But the table, for example, our "Bakhmut" with a white table top will look elegant.
  • Purple is an ambiguous decision. The presence of color in the interior causes different emotions: calm or anxiety. It all depends on how rich the color is and what it goes with. Purple brings notes of elegance and stability to the environment. In production, the Ywood factory combines it with white, gray, and yellow.


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Color variety of furniture from the company «Ywood»!

«Ywood» Furniture Factory produces furniture for stylish and harmonious interiors. Here you can buy chairs, tables, beds, bedside tables, benches, cabinets covered with wax oil and natural oil "American Wood Oil" and "Borma", which preserves the pattern of wood. Also for processing of products stains and varnishes on a water basis, and also enamels of various colors from "Sylac" and "Sayerlack" are used.


   We follow current trends in interior design and implement interesting solutions in the production of furniture. The soft parts of chairs, benches, beds are covered with fabric: velor, jacquard, chenille, suede, mat of different colors. We use materials from leading European companies: Arteks, Top Textile, Fabric Lab, Eden, Exim Textile, Apparel. This is a guarantee of beauty and durability of products.


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Choose "Ywood" furniturebased on the rules of colorin your interiordesign. Combine shades to create a calm, relaxing or  invigorating environment!