Furniture coating: how to choose?

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Coating for furniture - the key to presentable appearance of products and durability. For best results, Ywood uses products that are of high quality, innovation and health safety, highlighting the natural beauty of the tree and protecting against environmental influences.

Wide range of furniture coatings

Uncommon and naturalness are the key principles that guide us when choosing coatings. You can order tables and chairs covered with oil-wax linseed oil beitz, water-based varnish from manufacturers American Wood Oil, Borma, or enamel Sylac i Sayerlack in different colors. The choice depends on the wishes of customers, on the idea of designers and on the features of the interior.

Alternatively, you can buy pedestals "Jeffrey" made of solid oak. On sale there are pedestals of different sizes, covered with natural linseed oil and white enamel. In the first and in the second case, the natural pattern and originality of the oak array are preserved.

Also on the site are tables and chairs in a wide range. Furniture products are covered with different materials. You can choose the appropriate option (beitz, enamel) and make a profitable purchase online! For example, high chairs "Henry Bar" made of solid ash and oak are in greatdemand. Wooden products are covered with natural oil, varnishes, water-based varnish.


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Advantages of products used by Ywood

Let's consider in more detail all the options and list their main features:

  • Oil-wax. Specially designed for wood processing. This is a premium quality product that provides reliable protection against negative factors. Natural oil-wax effectively emphasizes the beauty of furniture. The material is easily applied to the surface and retains its properties for a long time.
  • Linseed oil. A protective coating that combines environmental friendliness and practicality. This is a unique product that meets international quality standards. Natural flaxseed oil is ideal for wood processing. Its advantages include the absence of a sharp odor, abrasion resistance, durability.
  • Varnishes and stains. Materials that penetrate deeply into the wood and provide protection from external factors: moisture, the destructive effects of ultraviolet radiation. When using such products, a reliable coating is created on the surface, which does not lose its original characteristics for a long time. Beytsy and water-based varnishes preserve the natural structure of the array of oak, beech, ash and give objects a special charm.
  • Enamel. Materials of different colors are used for wood processing. This is an important advantage, thanks to which furniture for the arrangement of any interiors is presented for sale. The features of enamels include a long service life, good adhesive characteristics and the absence of a specific smell.


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The leading Ukrainian company offers furniture for connoisseurs of originality and reliability. You can choose a wooden bed, table or chairs, made taking into account the requirements of consumers and current trends. We guarantee high quality and ensure the delivery of goods in Ukraine.

Ywood product sare valued for their durability and excellent aesthetic properties!