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Why and for whom we make chair frames

Каркаси стільців 


   The basis of the assortment of   "Ywood" factory is ready-made furniture: тables, chairs, beds, chests of drawers, sideboards.


    And at the same time we offer "semi-finished furniture" - chair frames. Conditionally - blanks made of wood (solid ash, beech or oak), which are to be turned into a full-fledged product, covered with a protective or coloring compound and equipped with a soft or hard seat. A choice of frames of chairs with low and high backs, stools, bar stools. All of them are equipped with plywood or wooden seats and / or backrests, depending on the model.

     You buy an almost ready-made designer, with which the most interesting thing remains to be done - to choose a color, coating, upholstery and bring the chair production to the finish line.

    But who are you? Who might be interested in such an acquisition?


   Furniture workshops of any level

    Every furniture manufacturer understands that there are locomotive products - the best-selling and most profitable from an economic point of view. And goods-wagons are less profitable in production, but without them goods-locomotives are bought much less often. An example is a table and chairs for it. Buyers are more likely to purchase an expensive natural wood table if it is equipped with compositionally ideal chairs. If, for example, you have only tables in your assortment, the lack of complete chairs may well slow down sales. What to do in this case?

    There are two solutions to this problem:


  • try to make chairs yourself - buy new equipment, build a production line and go through the entire process yourself from test samples to approved products. In this case, the product will appear in stock in a couple of months at best;
  • buy ready-made chair frames, which will only have to be covered with paint / varnish and made a soft seat or back. Not only can the product appear in the assortment in two weeks, but the model range will immediately be wide. You can add 3-4 types of chairs to the assortment at the same time, correlating them with the design of the tables. For example, for a rectangular table, such as "Nord", produced by our company "Ywood", select the same frames with right angles (for example, "YW-02" to the chair "Uzhgorod", "YW -05" to "Ghent") or under soft high products ("YW-04" to "Lucas" and "Luka 02") and small and round tables, similar to "Bakhmut" and "Venetian", provide elegant frames, such as "YW-26" (for the chair "Bonn" and "Bonn 2").


                          "Лука 02"                                              


    Obviously, the choice in favor of frames will allow to expand the range of products with better quality and faster.


   For designers

     Not all design tasks are successfully solved by going to furniture showrooms. For example, working with vintage pieces of furniture is often perplexing: it is difficult for them to find a company that exactly matches the texture, color, type of upholstery material. After all, the furniture fashion of our time and a couple of centuries ago is strikingly different.

     And this is where the chair frames come to the rescue:

  • taking as a basis an elegant classic model, you can create the perfect company for a vintage table - for example, cover it with varnish, repeating the historical coating, and achieve a complete match of shades;
  • by combining different frames, a popular nowadays technique with incomplete chairs is implemented. The frames can be painted in different shades, and the upholstery can be used the same to obtain the desired degree of stylistic unity.


   Ordinary buyers

     You do not need to be a professional designer to buy chair frames from the Ywood factory. It is enough to want to save money or get chairs with a specific upholstery fabric. That is, if you have leftovers of unusual upholstery material or a protective compound for wood that can be applied by hand at home, you do not have to overpay for the finished product. By purchasing our chair frames, in 3-4 days you can get a finished product: apply several layers of coating, following the manufacturer's instructions; fill the soft parts with filler; cut the upholstery material according to the pattern; attach it from the inside out with glue or a stapler.




    In any of these cases, you can contact the Ywood company, and we will try to answer all your questions and solve any problem.