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How to match chairs to your dining tab

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A chair is an interior item with increased responsibility.

If you choose it incorrectly, the overall ergonomics of the room will suffer, the design idea will be distorted, and the comfort during eating will be lost somewhere. Therefore, devote maximum free time to the choice of chairs and a table, and the following simple rules will help you not to make a mistake along the way.

Form to form

The easiest way to choose chairs is based on the shape. If the table is round, then it needs chairs with a round back. If it is rectangular or square, then the chair model should be chosen classic, angular. This is not an ultimatum, but a way to make the task easier - matching shapes automatically makes the kit stylish without any difficulty.

For round tables, such as "Bakhmut", produced by our factory "Ywood", our chairs are suitable:

  • «Odessa»;
  • «Bonn»;
  • «Bonn – 2».

Customers often choose «Sorento», «Inkerman» or «Uzhgorod-2» for oval «Likitsars».

For square tables such as «Tahoe» and «Linz», «Nеapol» and «Madine R» chairs are suitable. For rectangular tables: «Amsterdam», «Frankfurt» or «Mont Blanc» we offer chairs:




Nuances for a small kitchen

There are several basic rules that allow you to equip a comfortable dining area even in a small kitchen:

  • buy a round table (for example "Bakhmut"), and chairs with a round back – «Madin R» or «Odessa». After a meal, the chairs can be tightly pushed to the table: thanks to the repeating shape, they form a regular figure and do not interfere with sharp protruding backs;





  • You should not buy chairs with armrests for the kitchen: most of them cannot be pushed tightly to the table, which means that part of the already limited space will be stolen. If you still want to sit on a soft one, pay attention to the «Lucas» or «Vanra» models: they do not have armrests, but are also quite comfortable due to the soft back and seat;
  • oskіlky cuisine - the price of being attracted by the growing rizik to appear on the beaches, then we will shorten the option to increase the models of the wood stylists, for only with the wood sydinny, such as «Gent», «Anra» or «Poltava». The reason is simple - they can be easily washed from any contamination.


Coincident base

According to the designers, the table and chairs will be harmoniously combined if their legs are the same. Ideally - and in color, but the similarity of materials is enough. What does it mean? If the legs or leg of your table is wooden, he should choose chairs with the same base as companions. And the color of the seats does not matter, because there is already a common unifying moment.

The details are also important here. If the wood grain is easy to read, look for chairs from a similar species. For example, an oak table and ash chairs are not good friends with each other. Also, different breeds with a similar texture can be thoroughly "made friends" with the help of toning with oil or varnish-stain. 





What if the legs of the table are metal, and the chairs you want are certainly wooden, warm?

We have a good solution for this case - the Siget 02 or Mangush models. The wood here is read minimally: partly due to the prevalence of soft upholstery, partly due to the strictly geometric shape of the legs, typical, for example, of a profile pipe. Moreover, if you order chairs with wenge-colored legs or black enamel (and the Ywood factory has such an option), the resemblance to metal will be maximized.

The choice of chairs for large kitchens or separate dining rooms is not particularly limited.

If there is enough space, you can freely buy a large oval table "Delhi" or a rectangular "Nord", "New Delhi" or "Cologne", and to them - soft, comfortable chairs of our production. 



Нью Делі 



And remember not only about the unity of forms, but also remember about the coincidence of the material of the legs of the table and chairs.