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The perfect chair for home, kitchen, living room - what is it?


Having been making chairs for more than 15 years, creating several dozen models of chairs, Ywood came to the conclusion that in fact such a chair simply does not exist in nature. It is difficult to imagine that:

  • will look equally good in different interiors;
  • will remain comfortable for people of different heights and weights;
  • will meet the requirements of the budget for furniture.

And just visually like each client. Whatever criteria you are guided by when looking for your "chair" ideal, we are sure you will find it here. With our chairs you can solve many design problems.

Fans of the classics

If you prefer classic solutions and shapes, choose a completely wooden model or a product with a wooden frame and a soft seat. It is desirable - with a high, slightly sloping back, as in our chairs "Uzhgorod" and "Nеapоl". Then both adults and children will sit comfortably on them.

For the kitchen or living room

We believe that this room will fit different chairs. It is easier to get dirty or wet in the kitchen, so practicality should come first. "Anra" is perfect - easy to clean, if necessary, it is quite easy to restore. The living room is usually used for long dinners with family and guests, so it is important to take care of their comfort. You can easily sit on the "Luka" chair with soft seats and back for several hours.

Versatility - first of all

If the interior of all living spaces is maintained in the same style and mood, it is logical to use one model of chair in the kitchen, living room and even in the office. But it must be universal: practical enough, very comfortable to sit for a long time, ergonomic and not too heavy. For example, as chairs "Lucas" and "Albert". They are completely soft, have a sloping back and support the back well during long sitting. At the same time - classic shape, not too massive - will look good in almost any interior. By choosing a waterproof fabric for upholstery, you can achieve the maximum degree of practicality. And good color - for complete synergy with other furniture.

Stylistic landmarks

Even the most comfortable chair in the world can only be annoying if it looks like a stranger in your home and does not match its general style. Whatever style you decide upon, that look can be further enhanced by the type of shutter hinges used.

For example, for the now common Provencal style is best suited "Inkerman" with figured details, especially if you order it in white. For any country style, you should choose a simple and concise "Gent". For spaces with elements of constructivism or minimalism, "Jaco with edging" will fit - elegant, exceptionally utilitarian. For American classics or Bauhaus, a stylish "Sirius" with armrests is suitable. For baroque, neoclassical or even empire, you can choose "Sorrento".

For a round table

Of course, the main thing here is not the shape, but the stylistic combination of table and chairs. But there is a little secret how to achieve even greater synergy of such a headset. Choose chairs with rounded backs. That's like "Madin" or "Odessa". Even if you bring them close to the table, you will get the right geometric shape that will not interfere or distract.

The chair is the easiest way to add color accents. If you want to make a room or house more contrasting, the easiest way is to use bright chairs. And the color does not matter, as long as it contrasts with other shades. You can even choose multi-colored chairs or different models - incomplete chairs are now in trend.

I hope our tips have helped you navigate a little better in our, without too much modesty, wide and varied range of chairs. And yet find the PERFECT!