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6 reasons to love solid wood furniture once and for all.


A small amendment - solid wood furniture from the Ywood factory. After all, they can be made in different ways. We make our products captivating at first sight and have many advantages.

1. High strength

We work with oak, ash and beech wood, which has the following strength characteristics:
1. Oak can withstand 720 kg / m2;
2. Ash - 690 kg / m2;
3. Beech - 670 kg / m2.
But for now it's just numbers and words. To make it easier for you to understand, imagine a wooden cube with all sides equal to 1 meter. If this cube is made of oak, it will be able to withstand about ten adult men of average stature, 7 two-chamber refrigerators or an average carpenter's machine. That's why we talk about the strength of our products.

2. Uniqueness

Nature is the best artist. Unlike humans, it never happens again. Every inch of your furniture is unique: the pattern of age rings, the location of the knots (or lack thereof), the combination of colors. If you want to have something 100% exclusive, choose solid wood furniture.

3. Security

There is no safety problem for legal wood (and we use just such - from official forestries, with environmental certificates). In 99% of cases, the areas where procurement is carried out are very far not only from large enterprises, but also from asphalt roads. So it is quite possible that our oak table will be the most environmentally friendly and safe product in your home.
For example, such a problem exists for board materials (chipboard, fiberboard) - the rules prohibit their use if the main coating or side edge is damaged. After all, in this case there is a risk of saturation of the air space with formaldehyde resins - they are part of the adhesive mixtures used in the manufacture of board materials. Are you sure that you will be able to notice such damage in time?

4. Positive impact on the atmosphere of the premises

Not all types of coatings are able to completely "seal" the pores of wood. So, even after becoming a full-fledged product, it continues to "breathe". That is, to react to the humidity in the room - to absorb moisture from the air when it is too much, and then give it back when the air becomes dry and warm.
The tree also saturates the atmosphere with substances that have a mild antibacterial effect - volatiles, tannins, stilbenes (the variety depends on the species). So furniture and cladding from it actually clean your home - constantly and imperceptibly.

5. Lack of expiration date

Furniture made of dry wood and covered with quality mixtures can be stored for centuries without any problems (this can be seen in museums). Only conditions are critical - without sharp temperature drops or constant "swings" of humidity, as it happens on the street. Of course, this works if you bought chairs or armchairs to inherit. When used, various types of damage appear relentlessly. The advantage of the array is that in most cases it can be restored to an almost perfect state - by yourself or by involving professionals. Traces of blows - to putty. Grind to remove traces of friction. Remove the old coating and varnish or repaint.

6. Versatility, beyond styles and eras

How many new materials appear in the world, and none of them could make mankind forget about natural wood. It is possible that piety in relation to the material is not so much felt in Ukraine yet. For example, as in the United States, where the cost of an apartment can grow decently only because of the wooden floor in good condition. There they can literally "hunt" for the furniture of a famous master, as if they were some kind of precious jewelry. High-quality, original solid wood furniture has the talent to be used in any space - you can change the design of your home many times, leaving the furniture unchanged.

It is this perception of solid wood furniture that we strive for, creating Ywood furniture and giving you the opportunity to buy things today that will remain just as relevant in a few decades.